Two half-siblings who survived the Peoples Temple murder/suicide in Guyana as young children, now adults, struggle with the imminent death of Melanie Sloane, their schizophrenic mother. For Lindsey, disturbing memories of the past recur in her dreams. For Jason, unanswered questions and pain he has suppressed with the bottle linger. Unable to go to the police for fear of implication in a revenge murder against a man who raped their mother, they seek out the answers.

City Councilman Russ Devlin is on the fast-track to Oakland Mayor. He is also Melanie Sloane's ex-lover. A well-accomplished African-American community activist and former cop, he's destined for greatness. His political rival seeks to falsify his respectable image. Russ' early 20's had him high up in the Peoples Temple Cult/church led by Rev, Jim Jones. A private detective is put on his tail to extricate theses skeletons from his closet.

Before Melanie Sloane dies, she reveals the true identity of Jason's father who was wrongly believed to be dead in the suicide. Instead, it's Russ Devlin. As both children piece together their past and pursue Councilman Devlin, the sleazy PI hungry for a payday enters the mix. With a lowlife's code of ethics and a drive to crack a 25-year-old cold case murder that involves Lindsey, Russ and the late Peoples Temple, he's the last thing the Councilman needs.

Devlin kicks into survival mode in an attempt to save his family and political career. But Lindsey, the ultimate survivor cursed with the same mental illness that afflicted her mom, is out for truth, revenge, and blood.