DOUGLAS WIRTH (Producer/Line Producer/Unit Production Manager)

Doug Wirth is an Independent Contractor in Film Production and Event Management/Production. His Film Production experience spans more than 15 years, covering every aspect of the industry (PA/Coordinator on 250+ Features/Commercials/Music videos to Producing, Directing, Packaging, Duplication and Distribution). He transitioned into Event Management when hired to coordinate the $30 Million Dollar launch of XBOX in 2001, moving on to manage major Touring Events for Clients such as Microsoft, ESPN/DirecTV, NFL/Visa and AXE.

Mr. Wirth’s experience also includes working in the features legal department at Paramount Pictures, where he was responsible for handling highly sensitive and confidential contract documents for the attorneys, and as a runner/pa for Steve Johnsons XFX, where he worked on film and TV projects such as Magnolia, Bicentennial Man, Red Planet, Charmed and the Outer Limits series. As a result of these experiences, Doug only further expanded his network and knowledge to include the legal and FX side of the industry.

Founder and CEO of The Production Stable, Doug Wirth currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. and is in various stages of development on multiple projects.

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ALEX STANTON SMITH (Writer/Director)

Trained as an actor at Playhouse West School and Repertory Theater under Robert Carnegie and Jeff Goldblum over six years. In addition to performing in several LA theater productions he had a small recurring role in the 1997 season of Baywatch. As a screenwriter he honed his craft at the UCLA Extension and succeeded in optioning several scripts, securing representation, as well as finalizing in the Nevada Screenwriter Competition. His short PASSING THROUGH was shown in half a dozen film festivals and won awards at Hollywood DV in 2003 and Houston World fest in 2004. PLAN B his second short also premiered at Hollywood DV Fest and was developed into a TV SERIES concept titled SUNSET STRIP. White Night marks his directorial debut.

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JAMES LeGOY (Cinematographer/Producer)

James LeGoy received a degree in photography from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1982 and immediately opened an advertising photography studio. After 16 very successful years shooting stills he decided to change career paths and started filming commercials and doing lighting on feature films.

In 1997 James shot his first feature-length 35mm film, MALAIKA, a family film about four kids who find an elephant in their backyard. Since then he has been Director of  Photography on over 14 feature films, second unit DP on another 10 features, as well as shooting commercials, music videos, and occasionally taking the position of gaffer. One of his most recent films was GETTING THERE for Tapestry Films starring the Olsen Twins.

Recently James has been producing web videos for the Walt Disney Internet Group acting as a full service producer.

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CALVIN GREEN (Actor/Producer)

Calvin Green is noted for his performances in such films as Redemption (starring Academy Award©-honoree Jamie Foxx), Deacons of Defense (starring Forrest Whittaker), and the Palme d’Or-winner Exotica. He is the epitome of high standard within the Entertainment industry.

Founder and CEO of Adamas Productions, his first theatrical trailer for Invisible brought two million viewers to Duke Media, before the film ever went into production. He has written, produced, and created trailers and promotional reels for producers and writers throughout the Entertainment Industry. 

In 2006, Calvin produced his first feature film, The Slaughter, which won fourteen awards, went to market at Cannes and is being distributed worldwide by Lionsgate.

More recently, Calvin produced and acted in his second feature film for Sony Screen Gems/Stage 6 Productions, Zombie Strippers. The film, starring Robert England and Jenna Jameson, has been featured on CNN, Ebert and Roeper, The View and Larry King. The film opened to sold-out crowds and was recently released on DVD worldwide.

Mr. Green currently resides in Southern California and is in development on multiple projects.